This App Is Incompatible With Your device (Solved)

This App Is Incompatible With Your device (Solved)

Now-a-days Android operating system is one of the most popular mobile operating system developed by Google.  Its latest release is Pie 9.0

Sometime Android Developers restrict their app to run on certain devices, in certain regions and on previous versions of Android.

 But sometimes your is device is compatible for the app but you still get the error meesage “ This app is not compatible with your device”. If this happens with you try doing the following:

If  Your Device Is Compatible But Still Error Is Showing

What to do if your device is compatible for the app? Do the following

  • Goto Application Manager
  • Goto Google Play Store
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear Data
  • Restart Google Paly Store
  • Try installing the app again

Why Incompatible

There could be several reasons of incompatibility. We have listed some of them below:


Some app require specific hardware, if your mobile do not have specific hardware like camera or 4 GB  RAM or any other it will give this message.

Operating System

If your Android Version is old and outdated and the required app need newer version then  this could be another reason of the error.


A virus or malicious can change the system specification of several elements which can cause error.

Specific Device

Some apps are designed to run on specific phones or tablets but they can run on other devices too.

How To Bypass Restrictions

Here we have mentioned some solutions, you can try. First identify the reason then apply the solution.

Device Restrictions

You can edit “build.prop” file to make your device compatible with the app. If you have a rooted device you can try this.

  • Goto Settings-> Application ->Market->Clear Data
  • Now, Open File Manager-> Root Settings
  • Enable ‘Mount File System’ and ‘Root Explorer’.
  • Browse root directory and find build.prop
  • Make a backup of it
  • Now click on edit
  • Here you will see several files
  • Now find ‘ro.product.manufacturer’ and ‘ro.product.model’.
  • Change these files according to your requirement
  • Reboot your device

This procedure can be risky and if you will not do it correctly it may harm your device.

You can use Market Helper app to spoof another device. You can download this app from developer’s website. After spoofing just restart your device and run the app.

But if the device is actually incompatible with your app it will not work.

Country Restrictions

You can easily bypass country restrictions by using a VPN like Nord VPN, HotSpot Shield or any other VPN software but without network. If you connect to a network the Google Play will trace your location and will block you.

After installing the VPN software, restart your device, connect to the VPN and then try installing the app.

Download APK Directly

 When you download an app from Google Play Store it checks the compatibility, if the device is incompatible it shows the error message.

 You can solve it by downloading the APK directly from websites. But downloading it form website can be highly risky as it may contain viruses or bad code.

We also provide apks of softwares and games which are safe and virus free. You can download it from here.

Upgrade Operating System

Upgrading your Android Operating System can also resolve the issue. But if your device is not getting update you need to root your device. Root means exploit the existing OS and make changes to it to accept different app.

Once you successfully root your device you can use community created ROMs like LineageOS to get new Android version.

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