Sandwich! Mod Apk 0.16.0 (No Ads/Skip Level)

Sandwich! Mod Apk 0.16.0 (No Ads/Skip Level)

Hi guys, we are back with another great mod that is Sandwich! Mod Apk 0.16.0. It is the latest game has more 50m+ downloads and is a really cool game.

Basically, in this game, you have to make sandwiches. There are lots of ingredients on the table for making sandwiches like tomato, cheese, egg, bread and others so many things.

You have to tap on ingredients and ingredients wrap on each other making sandwich. You should successfully place all ingredients in bread to make sandwich.

After successfully placing all ingredients in sandwich the level completes and next level starts.

By downloading this mod, you don’t need to complete a level to start another level. You can bypass any level and can play any level which you want.

It is really nice and different type of puzzle game. After every 5 level new ingredient unlocks. It looks very delicious and appetizing. I ate two sandwiches after playing this game.

This mod removes all ads making it ad free game and you can also skip levels in this mod.

Brief Info About Sandwich

App NameSandwich!
DeveloperPopcore Games
Android Version5.1 or above
FeaturesNo ads
Skip levels
Google Play LinkSandwich!

Screenshots Of Gameplay

Gameplay Video

Reviews About Sandwich! Mod Apk 0.16.0

This is really an amazing puzzle game. It is very easy and simple.

There are 40 ingredients to place on sandwich. Once you unlock all 40 ingredients it looks like a never ending game.

I am on level 500 and still playing to see if there is an end or not.


It is fantastic game. Suitable for every age group. Good graphics and easy control.

The more you play the more ingredients unlocks. If you do any mistake you can undo it. It is very simple not a challenging game.


The gameplay is good but ads are bad. It would be good if ads don’t appear in the middle of the game. It is very disturbing.

Thank you for providing us an ad-free mod. Now we can play the game without any interrupting.


Download Sandwich! Mod Apk 0.16.0

Download the mod by clicking the button below. It is 100% tested and verified. Can run on any device.

Enjoy the Sandwich! hack and recommend our website to others. Don’t forget to click on the bell icon 😉


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