METAL MADNESS PvP Car Shooter Mod APK 0.31.2 *FREE*

METAL MADNESS PvP Car Shooter Mod APK 0.31.2 *FREE*

In this article, we’re going to talk about METAL MADNESS PvP Car Shooter Mod Apk, which I’ve provided to download for free. The Mod Apk lets you teleport to your desired destination. The original game falls into Action niche, and anyone who loves both cars and shooting games will surely enjoy Mental Madness PvP too since it’s a sweet combination of both. The original game is great, However, the modded one is even better!

Download METAL MADNESS PvP Car Shooter Mod APK, which provides auto-aim and the ability to teleport to your targeted destination. Click on the button below to download the Mod.


METAL MADNESS PvP is developed by GDCompany, it currently has about 5,000,000+ installs and requires Android 4.1 or higher to run properly. The content is rated 7+ due to mild violence.

I played the game and was thoroughly impressed. The reason as said before is the sweet combination of two niches, cars, and shooting. This makes it really fun.

I am providing the latest Mod Apk of METAL MADNESS PvP Car Shooter.

So, let me present the Metal Madness PvP MOD Apk 0.31.2 to you!


The download button will take you to a page, from where you can download the MOD Apk.

Features of METAL MADNESS PvP Car Shooter Mod APK

  1. Enhances your gaming experience.
  2. Provides Auto-aim, now shoot your enemies precisely!
  3. The ability to Teleport. Go where ever you wish to.
  4. Double the fun!

Infographic on METAL MADNESS PvP Mod Apk


METAL MADNESS PvP Mod Apk Brief Info

App NameMETAL MADNESS PvP Apex of Online Action Shooter Mod Apk
Android Version4.0 and up
FeaturesAuto Aim + Teleportation

Gameplay Video

Direct Download Link Of METAL MADNESS PvP Mod Apk 0.31.2


FAQ about METAL MADNESS PvP Mod Apk 0.31.1

Let’s discuss all the frequently asked questions and answers that you might have regarding the mod.

You need the MOD Apk to override restrictions laid in the original Metal Madness game.

Q: What does the Metal Madness PvP Mod do?

The Mod provides auto-aim and lets you teleport from one place to another.

Clicking here to know more about the features of the MOD.

Q: What is the size of METAL MADNESS PvP Shooter Mod Apk?

The current size of the latest MOD is 97.6MB.

Q: What is the latest version of METAL MADNESS PvP MOD Apk?

The latest version of the mod is 0.31.1.


My fellow gamers, In this article I provided Metal Madness PvP Mod Apk for you guys. If you scrammed over the download link then click here to download the Mod Apk.

We also talked about how the Mod provides auto-aim and teleportation which would give you an edge over other competitors. Know more about the features of the Metal Madness MOD.

And if you’re confused the check out FAQ too.

Finally, be sure to click on the bell icon on the lower right side of the screen. This way, you’ll be notified automatically where ever there is a newer version of this MOD available.

If you have any question then leave a comment below and we’ll love to help.

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