How To Run Android Studio On Low RAM

How To Run Android Studio On Low RAM

Minimum RAM required to run Andoid Studio is 4GB(Without Emulator). External emulators like BlueStack, NOX, LeapDroid can be used to test app or you can use use your phone to test app by connecting it via USB cable.

8 GB RAM is required to run android studio smoothly. If you are running it on 4 GB RAM it will lag and you will not be able to run other applications like Chrome, SQL server etc.

How to Run Andriod Studio on 2 GB RAM

Although it is not recommend to run Android Studio on 2 GB but somehow if you have to run Android Studio on less than specified requirement then try doing the following thing:

Disable VCS

 Disabling Version Control System or VCS will help a lot to run Android Studio on low RAM. Goto File -> Settings -> Plugins and disable the following:

  • GitHub
  • Hg4idea
  • Subversion
  • TestNG-J
  • Git Integration
  • CVS Integration
  • Google Cloud Testing
  • Mercurial Integration
  • Google Cloud Tools Core
  • Google Cloud Tools for Android

Reduce Heap Size

Change heap size by going into memory related settings in .vmoptions and change it to 512 mb -Xmx512m OR you can change from preferences

Move to Previous Version

Download the previous version of Android Studio V 1.5.2 which uses 2 gb of RAM.

Enable Power Save Mode

Goto File->Power Save Mode->Enable It will stop background task whick takes a huge RAM.

Update Gradle

As the new version of gradle fix previous error updateing gradle can increse performance.

Don’t use Emulator

Android Emulator takes a lot of RAM. So, don’t use them instead use you’re your mobile phone to debug the app.

Disable Lint Check

Lint check find bugs and poor code. You can disable unnecessary lint check to save RAM. To do this goto File->Settings->expand the editor in the left side and click Inspection. Here you will find the lint check.  Deselect those which you do not use and click OK.

Add Only Necessary Google Play Service

Adding extra Google Play Services require extra memory. In the build.gradle file you will see

dependencies {
    compile '' 

Here you can add/remove dependecies according to your requirement For more info visit:

Turn Off Parallel Compilation

Parallel Compilation needs more memory. So turning off this feature will save a lot of memory. For doing this open and set


If you are still unale to run Android Studio on low RAM, you can use text-editor or command line tool.

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