Granny Mod Apk 1.7.3 Download (Unlimited Everything Ammo/Health)

Granny Mod Apk 1.7.3 Download (Unlimited Everything Ammo/Health)

Granny Mod Apk is a modified version of the famous horror game developer by DVloper. The Mod Apk provides unlimited weapons, health and unlocks everything. I’ve heard a lot about the game in the past. And recently decided to give it a go.

Yesterday, I freed a little space on my Android device to make room for this game. The game on is own only has a size of about 100MB, and is rated for 12+.

The installation went smooth, I opened the game and was literally blows away by the amazing graphics.

The game starts with the player, stranded in a room. As I try to move further a lady appeared out of nowhere and bang, killed me!

Turns out she’s our granny and, for some reason she’s out there to kill us!

The idea is we have to escape outside of the house we are trapped in. We have 5 days in total to do that, or else we lose!

Now, I know there are lots of folks out there who can to do that on their own but not me, I need a hack or some mod to spice things up and break out that house.

For all those, who’re stuck, or are in need of some help. I am sharing granny mod apk which will unlock weapons and almost everything there is the game.

Problems which get fixed in the new version are listed below:

  • Another “Game Over” added.
  • Solved another freeze glitch.

Download Granny Mod Apk 1.7.3 (Latest Version)

Here is the latest mod of granny. Download and enjoy. If you have any question then ask us by commenting below.

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Granny Mod Apk (Overview & Features)

I’ve listed all the feature of the modded version of the game. I knew you along with many might be wondering why exactly do you need this? What for?

Let me explain why. There are several limitations in the original game. While you can certainly enjoy playing that, but still there are several restrictions that limit the maximum pleasure.

This is where the Mod apk shines it removes all those restrictions and lets you do whatever you wish to. I’m going to list some of the features that you get with the mod.

Get Mod Menu With Tons Of Options

Have extra addons to pick and choose the one that you are in need of. There are lots of options in the mod menu, you’ll be pleased to see them.

Gives Unlimited Ammo For Free

You are provided with an unlimited supply of Ammo and an arsenal of weapons to choose whatever you need.

Provides Unlimited Health To Player

You are given unlimited life which guarantees that nothing bad is going to happen.

No damage

The monsters can not attack you, there will be no damage and you’ll be saved from the wratch of granny.

Game Features

  • It is a horrible and scary game.
  • Avoid obstacles and traps.
  • Solve riddles and puzzles
  • Dangerous environment.

Brief Info About The Game

App NameGranny
Android Version4.1 or above
FeaturesInfinite Ammo
Infinite Health
God Mode
Google Play LinkGranny

Gameplay Video

Gameplay Pics

Reviews About Granny

This is a great horror game. I wouldn’t recommend this to any person who is easily jumpscared. If you are not brave then it would be better if you play this with a companion and not alone.

The granny sometimes comes out of nowhere with a bat and kills you. It’s really scary when you rotate there’s granny on your back.

Wm A. McDaniel

I think the atmosphere and the ambience of the game is very scary, and I’m not that easily scared. I love how you have to hide from the granny as she is approaching to kill you, makes it super intense. You have to find a spot real quick because she’s coming to kill you.

Vincent M. Dietz

The game is sick man, I have never been of horror games but I’m in love with granny. No matter how many times I play I don’t get bored, it’s freaky and never gets less scary. Kudos to the developer though, with every update the games keeps getting better and better.

This is on my mobile for months and is going nowhere in the near future.

William M. Myles

This is a great game. It is very horrible and scary. You can know the house better without getting granny in the way. It is like a detective game finding clues while avoiding granny. This is my favourite horror game.


Final Words

In this article, we shared the granny mod apk with a lot of features, especially for you guys. There were so many people that were asking me to share the mod of this specific game. To be honest, up until that point I myself had not played the original game. And so before just going out sharing on the mod on the site. I decided to check this game out for myself. This is one of the very few horror games that I’ve played, and I have nothing but praises for the developer. The game is amazing and it never gets boring. There however restrictions but thankfully all those are lifted by the mod that we’ve provided.

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