How To Downgrade An App On Android (Step by Step Guide)

How To Downgrade An App On Android (Step by Step Guide)

We’ve all encountered issues after updating an android app at-least once in our lives. It might be a simple bug that is annoying you, or a big change that you simply don’t like. Sometimes It takes us too long to get familiar with the user interface of an app. And after an update, we see it’s totally messed up. Congratulations! Now you’re left to figure new UI on your own. I personally hate this, and if you too then don’t worry.

In order to downgrade an app on android we need to find an older version of the android Apk from the internet. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to follow in order to install the previous version of the app.

Reasons To Downgrade An Android App

Now, these might vary. You might have your own set of reasons why. I’m going to list mine that I constantly face.

  • I personally hate investing time in learning to figure things out all over again. For some reasons, the developers these days love to totally screw the UI elements of the app. After each and every update you have to spend an ample amount of time to get yourself comfortable.
  • There are bugs, that can cause your app to freeze or even crash. Which is pretty annoying at times!
  • The updated is version is bloated with advertisements!
  • The updated version is heavy on ram and therefore its hangs like hell!

Downgrading The Android Apk File

lets start with the process of downgrading the android apk file. Follow all the steps to successfully install any previous version that you want to.

Find Your Desired Version Of The App

First things first, in order to install whatever version of your android app. You need to look-up for its APK online. An Apk is a packaged file format that Android uses.

There are many places where you can find previous APK versions. I personally head over to The Apk’s there are original which means they are safe to download.

So, let’s go there.

Click on the magnifying glass at the top right. I’m going to search for “Hill Climb Racing” because the current version of that game for some reasons is lagging on my android device.

downgrading an android app
downgrading an android app

Scroll down, and you’ll see many versions of the application available.

Choose your desired “version” then “variant”, and click on download apk button.

Note: A pop-up might appear asking the file might harm you device. Don’t worry, whenever we download an APK outside of Google’s own Playstore this message appears. Simply click on OK.

android previous version
android previous version

Uninstalling Current Version

Now that we have successfully downloaded the version of the app that we need to install. Let’s get rid of the current version before we proceed.

In order to uninstall the current version of the app.

Go to Settings –> Apps –> Choose the App that you need to Uninstall –> Click on uninstall

Installing Previous Version Of the Android App

We have gotten rid of the annoying version. lets install the version of our choice that we downloaded from Apkmirror.

Go to downloads and click on the Apk file that you downloaded.

Click on install.

And tadaaa!!! You’ve successfully downgraded the android app.

Disable Updates

Optional: In order to avoid getting further updates. You can also head over to Google Playstore and disable updates all together for specific applications of your choice.


Q: Can we download previous versions of the android apps?

A: Yes we can by downloading older version of APK file from internet and installing them on our phones.

Q: Where to download older version of Apk from?

A: There are many places from where you can download the older version of android apps. One website that is quite famous is there are many others out there too.

Q: Are older version of android apps safe?

A: It depends on where you’ve download the APK from. If it’s a from a reliable site then it sure is.


In this article we share the easiest method to download previous version of any android app. There are many reasons why people would want to downgrade an app and so I decided to write a little tutorial for all those confused souls.

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