Best VR Horror Games Without Controller

Best VR Horror Games Without Controller

What is VR?

Virtual Reality creates a simulated environment. VR places user in an artifical world. User can see, hear, touch and can smell the things. User can use virtual reality headset to generate 3D  environment.

VR Horror Games Without Controller

Now-a-days VR horror games are becoming very much popular among youth. These games can be played with or without controller. Here we have mentioned some of the best VR games without controller.

Smash Hit

This game is developrd by Medicore and freely available on Google Play Store but contains in-app purchases. It is an arcade game and has more than 10M downloads.

It is a beautiful game, you smash everything in your way and move forward. You experience the best destruction physics on your mobile.

VR Rollercoaster

Everyone loves roller coaster. This game gives you the feeling like you are riding in real roller coaster. You are sitting in front seat, feeling the surrounding environment like you are riding in real life.

You can design your own roller coaster and you can choose your own park. There are over 60 tracks and 10 unique roller coaster trains.

Insidious VR

Leave the Earth and go to the underworld  and feel the horrors of afterlife.  The game starts in a dimly lit house and end in the darkest area.

This game is available to play without controller. You can use Google Cardnoard and headphones for best VR experience. 

Trooper 2

This game is developed by cmdr2. It is an action game. You can download it freely from Google Play Store but it contains in-app purchases.

It is a first person shooter game. The enemies come from every side and you have to shoot them quickly before they kill you.

VR Street Jump

It is a simple game, you have to cross the road. Look on both side of the road, if there is no traffic then jump.

It is like Frooger and Crossy Road game.

It is compatible with the following hedsets:

  • Google Cardboard VR
  • Durovis Dive
  • Stooksy
  • Nibiru
  • Refugio 3D
  • VR View-Master
  • VRTX One
  • Merge VR
  • ColorCross
  • VR Smartview

Snow Strike VR

Snow Strike VR

This game is developed by VR artist and developer It is an action game and is freely available on Google Play.

It is like a tower defense game. You should defend your snow fort and throw snowballs to invaders. Avoid yourself from invaders snowballs by moving your head 180 degree.


Playing VR horror games without controller arelike you are playing in real life. These games give you a real life experience.

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